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three ways to use herbs to decorate a cake

I like my rainbow-funfetti-unicorn-sparkle cakes as much of the next person. I really do. But sometimes it’s nice to just keep things au naturel. Herbs can be so pretty and are much more flavoursome that candy cake decorations, so I wanted to explore some ways they could be used as edible decor, not just an ingredient. Conveniently, I had a rather naked looking honey and pear cake that needed some jazzing up, but these techniques would work with any cake. Scroll down to see how I used herbs to make it pretty (and not a rainbow sprinkle in sight). Substitute sprinkles for finely chopped herbs This one is kind of easy peasy. You can either finely chop the herb of your choice, or use tiny thyme leaves like I did. Be sure to pick a flavour that complements your cake. Once your cake is iced, just sprinkle ‘em on top. Jobs a winner. Rosemary infused drizzle Put a few sprigs of rosemary into a small saucepan, and add just enough milk to almost cover them. Heat …

almost hitched: omg two weddings!

I haven’t spoken much on here about my upcoming weddings to Dave (more about the multiple celebrations in a sec), mainly because it has come around so quickly – we are roughly three months out – and secondly because I didn’t have a whole lot to say until now. With the big days so close, it feels like a good time to share and I will be posting a few more times as we get closer. Today, I want to talk to you guys about why we are having two weddings (yes really!), and a few of the things I have learnt when planning. If you are thinking of having two weddings to accommodate far-away family then hopefully this post will help you decide. It’s totally not as hard as everyone wants you to believe! A bit of background.  Dave proposed on my birthday last June, and we straight away decided to wait a year for the wedding – this was mainly because we wanted to honeymoon in Europe during their summertime. The second thing we …

diy: banner cookies for a subtle revelry

I can’t imagine anything more delightful than receiving a message banner written out in cookies (not really surprising, I have a habit of writing stuff in my food). A simple, ‘yum’ is short and sweet, but you could say whatever you like, it all sounds better in cookie. And these babies will hang up anywhere for a sweet surprise. This is a little diy/baking project that I put together for A Subtle Revelry, using a few simple supplies and some alphabet cookie cutters. You can see the full tutorial here. Go on, say it with cookies!  

diy: simple ways to use rosewater on valentine’s day

Staying in is the new going out, in my house at least, and that is especially true on Valentine’s Day. This year it falls on a Saturday, which means restaurants will be extra busy – you could save your dinner money for a less crowded night and get all romancey at home instead. I’ve put together a few ways to incorporate rosewater into your stay-at-home evening, firstly because it is delicious and fragrant and secondly because everyone knows that roses = love. And for all the single-ready-to-mingles, these ideas are certainly not just for couples, Galentine’s night would be even sweeter with a little rosewater thrown in. 1. Rosewater Sugar Scrub Start your evening with a little pamper session. Just mix 1/2 a cup of brown sugar with 1/4 cup of coconut oil, add two table spoons of rosewater and mix well. Hop in the shower and get scrubbing – you’ll come out smooth as Cupid’s bum and will smell amazing. 2. Rosewater Gin and Tonic You can’t really go wrong with a little pre-dinner gin and …

happy monday (ish) links | four

So it’s not actually Monday in Australia, but I’m going to post this anyway because honestly I forgot to post it yesterday (such organised). Also, this is my last post of 2014 and I didn’t want to miss it!! There is still time to get making before the holiday season is over, so I thought I would share some of my favourite festive diys from the past few weeks. These simple diy decorations that would look great all year round. Adorable mini balloons, no puff required. Magic cookies. Perfect leggings for Christmas day. The prettiest tree topper. You can also check out my 2014 holiday diys: Some tips for making your own wreath. Bring the disco to a New Years party. Pretty paper votives. Balloon mistletoe for a merry kissmas. See more stuff I like on my pinterest boards. Have a wonderful end of 2014! See you next year. xx    

diy: festive hanging paper votives

It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaas! Ok, well it’s not really (but it almost is). And that means it’s time to get the decorations out. My Scroogey rule is ‘no decorations/Mariah Carey before 1st December’, but I’ve made a little exception for these. We already have a load of tree decorations inherited from family, but it’s always nice to make a couple of extra bits to go around the house. Last year I made these paper votives, so I decided to reuse the LED tealights and make a new, hanging version this year. Instructions are below. You will need: – a few sheets of paper – clear sticky tape – ink and a stamp – copper wire – scissors Cut a piece of plain paper to roughly 20cm by 10cm. You can tear one of the long edges for a less precise finish. Fold the two sides inwards so they overlap by a centimetre or so, and tape in place. Fold the top layer (taped side) upwards, creating a triangle on either side (see pic for clarity). Fold the …

diy: pavlova stack for a subtle revelry

I’ve loved a good pav ever since I can remember. It is a bit of a classic in my family, there are photos of me making them with my granny when I still had to stand on a box to reach the counter. So I guess it’s only fitting that I have ended up living in Australia, where pavlova is practically a national dish. Most pavlovas have one, maybe two layers, and are piled high with fruit and cream. I made an extra high stack for A Subtle Revelry, it’s a pretty simple cake that makes a big impression. Head over for the full instructions and see below for a rather satisfying gif, if I do say so myself. posted by Claire.