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blue mountains refresher.

blue mountains | south by north

blue mountains | south by northblue mountains | south by northblue mountains | south by northblue mountains | south by north

Finally after weeks at home doing a whole lot of nothing, we were able to go up to the Blue Mountains last weekend. It was amazing to get some proper fresh air and have a change of scenery. We didn’t do our usual walks, but still managed to get out to one of my favourite lookout spots.

In the first pic you can really see why they are called the ‘Blue Mountains’ – that haze comes from the eucalyptus trees that fill the valley.

posted by Claire.


  1. Oh wow, I actually didn’t know their name reflected their look, oops, to give me credit I’ve only visited a few times as kid, will have to venture back as an adult 🙂 Lovely photos as always!

  2. These are beautiful Claire, and so glad you are on the mend! Haven’t been to the Blue Mountains since I was a kid, but this is making me want to rush up there x

  3. I’ve discovered your beautiful photos today! (via your square pom poms on Pinterest!) I’m living also in Sydney and I love so much the Blue Mountains, and let my eyes wander on the infinite landscape!

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